To do lists

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Oh! Is it hard to do a to-do-list? Hmmm, I think or maybe not, what makes it hard is to really DO IT (:D). Well, I am just so amaze to read a random article on a site that I’ve happened to found in the web. This site is really so great. The blogger itself or the owner gives tips on how to’s and many more. And from that I decided to write about this to-do list thingy. Yes! I admit that since then I always write to-do list but then time changes and now I am so lazy not to finish what was listed (sigh to this attitude).  


Speaking of that blogger, later on, I will make a posts regarding with what I’ve discovered. She’s really amazing for me. She is brilliant and she’s beautiful. Though I just knew her online thru her writings but it feels like she is a close friend of mine though she doesn’t know me at all (XD).

If you’re a goal oriented type of person then this to-do-list is very much important because it will organized not just all your activities a day so with your time also. Having that said, it will help you accomplish many things every day.

From now onwards, I am very much grateful that little by little my to-do-list are accomplished.

Do you have yours?...


  1. Nice to hear from you again!
    Yes, I got a lot of unfinished tasks too!
    Hope I could focus on my to-do lists!

  2. Hi Ric,

    Thanks for the visit in here, yah I agree to you, focus and determination will be the keys :)