Sunday, May 19, 2013

May 13, 2013 was the schedule of the Philippines National Election. It was called “Halalan” in our dialect. This time we may able to choose our new set of officials from National down to Local. As preparation for the said election, the candidates are having their campaign. They have different types of ads on how to be known. They also visit different parts of the Philippines to let their goals and wants be understood by the people. There are many who run as Senatorial for National candidates and Governor’s and Congressman and also Representatives for Regional. For Local there are those Mayor’s and beyond.

The most important point during election for me is, choosing the one who do you think will be right for the position, kung baga choose from your heart. Aside from being capable (since there are many or almost of the candidates are capable), choose the one who is good for the said position/s. As it is already a week now, it was just about two results; the candidate may win or lost. For those who win (though other candidates win I don’t know why, hehe), let’s just respect their success for we don’t know what are they capable of. We shouldn’t limit to ourselves for what we may be personally know about them. And for those who lose the battle better luck for the next 3 years election again.

I am hoping personally that those who are chosen will do their responsibilities. Let there be progress in our country.

Kudos to all who win! J


  1. i agree, i hope they do things right this time. A great wonder for me, Trillanes won without any single commercial, kbantay ka? hihi

  2. ..Waaa, mao jud Chang ambot kaha nganu to..hihi