Thursday, October 10, 2013

To do lists


Oh! Is it hard to do a to-do-list? Hmmm, I think or maybe not, what makes it hard is to really DO IT (:D). Well, I am just so amaze to read a random article on a site that I’ve happened to found in the web. This site is really so great. The blogger itself or the owner gives tips on how to’s and many more. And from that I decided to write about this to-do list thingy. Yes! I admit that since then I always write to-do list but then time changes and now I am so lazy not to finish what was listed (sigh to this attitude).  


Speaking of that blogger, later on, I will make a posts regarding with what I’ve discovered. She’s really amazing for me. She is brilliant and she’s beautiful. Though I just knew her online thru her writings but it feels like she is a close friend of mine though she doesn’t know me at all (XD).

If you’re a goal oriented type of person then this to-do-list is very much important because it will organized not just all your activities a day so with your time also. Having that said, it will help you accomplish many things every day.

From now onwards, I am very much grateful that little by little my to-do-list are accomplished.

Do you have yours?...

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I'm back :D


After how many months of not writing, I am now back and fully equipped with knowledge to write. Yey, busy days are over and still some are coming.

How are you???

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

LOVE – An Inspiration


 Love makes us, without love we are not here on earth, right? If our parents don’t love each other we maybe not here and not given a chance to explore the earth and to experience this LOVE.


I don’t know why I write about this topic. I’m in topic-less mode and can’t think of something to blog and then when I look at around me it made up my dearest mind to write about this. For me, LOVE is a very important ingredient in life. Without this, we maybe not complete as a whole person. Without love, life seems so boring and lonely. Love should be an inspiration.

Imagine if there’s no love on earth, do we exist? I don’t think so. is so powerful to make things possible. Think first the love of God, without him, how would we proceed life? (Well, maybe for those atheist who don’t believe in Him, I don’t have any idea). Next, the love of our parents, this love made us to become the person what we are now. That love becomes guidance to us. Next, the love of our friends, neighbors and the love for ourselves. Next is the love of our husband, wife, boyfie and gurlfie. J

There are many forms of love. The most important thing is we should love so that we will be loved. And that love will be one of our armor in defeating struggles is life. Oh Yeah J


L-O-V-E is so COLORFUL. :)

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

DISCIPLINE is one step to SUCCESS 


/ˈdɪs ə plɪn/ Show Spelled [dis-uh-plin] Show IPA noun, verb, dis·ci·plined, dis·ci·plin·ing. noun. 1. training to act in accordance with rules;

As clearly stated in the dictionary, discipline is a training to act accordingly. When we say act accordingly it involves actions towards rules. It is how we follow or obey to a rule in order to be disciplined, or the opposite way around. LOL

If we don’t discipline ourselves, we might end up to something we don’t want to. Am I right? Yes, maybe for others, but for others may not. :D

Anyways, I came up with this topic because I want to personally inculcate and do it to myself. Haha, sounds ridiculous, but I really need to. As a tele-commuter, you should in need of disciplining, know why? because everything around you is tempting. For example the bed is just beside my table where I work and I’m just renting a space. If this is my house of course I have many home chores to do but since this is just my room part of this building, there’s not much to do. Yes! I’m honestly tempted to lay down and sleep. Next is, social media sites, everything is under my control and I can have updates every time I want to. Next thing is eating, oh how I so love eating but it do not proportionate to the result of my body. Gosh. I’m still thin despite of eating many. Well, I guess it’s my metabolism’s issue.

And so that’s it. I NEED TO DISCIPLINE MYSELF in order for me to be productive and in order for me to be SUCCESSFUL too someday. From this little step in my life may lead me to a very BIG OUTCOME.

So in order for me to attain my goals I did some disciplinary actions:

-    -   I made a schedule (char)
-     -  I posted on my wall some positive thoughts and sayings
-     -  I disciplined myself little by little to start and end the time schedule allotted in what I made
-     -  I am really eager to follow this schedule
-     -  Lastly I’m praying I can follow this through the days. J

Wooooooooo, May help me God about this disciplining issue and may I will be disciplined forever but of course I also needs some time to make some “tunganga” LOL
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Sunday, May 19, 2013



May 13, 2013 was the schedule of the Philippines National Election. It was called “Halalan” in our dialect. This time we may able to choose our new set of officials from National down to Local. As preparation for the said election, the candidates are having their campaign. They have different types of ads on how to be known. They also visit different parts of the Philippines to let their goals and wants be understood by the people. There are many who run as Senatorial for National candidates and Governor’s and Congressman and also Representatives for Regional. For Local there are those Mayor’s and beyond.

The most important point during election for me is, choosing the one who do you think will be right for the position, kung baga choose from your heart. Aside from being capable (since there are many or almost of the candidates are capable), choose the one who is good for the said position/s. As it is already a week now, it was just about two results; the candidate may win or lost. For those who win (though other candidates win I don’t know why, hehe), let’s just respect their success for we don’t know what are they capable of. We shouldn’t limit to ourselves for what we may be personally know about them. And for those who lose the battle better luck for the next 3 years election again.

I am hoping personally that those who are chosen will do their responsibilities. Let there be progress in our country.

Kudos to all who win! J
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Sunday, May 5, 2013

RESORT de ALBERTO (Travel Diary)


Feel the heat? Yeah, it’s summer. Summer in the Philippines is so blistering. If you’ll gonna see pictures in the social media sites, beach, pools and many other more images are flooding. Everyone wants to soak in the sea, dive in the pool and enjoy the water splashing experiences. Besides, who doesn’t want when everybody are enjoying. The scorching heat of the sun makes us want to explore the deepest part of the water area. Many celebrate summer in the sea, falls, pool, river and may other more. Summer isn’t over yet, and we also want to experience it.

A month before May, we were planning to have a trip. Actually months before May, we were planning to head Camiguin but the plan was unfortunately stopped because of some instances. Well, I think the summer vacation must still go on. I’m thinking of a place not too far and of course not too expensive and I ended up with the idea of coming to this beautiful and peaceful resort, Resort de Alberto. With a little background check from a friend I was able to hand in some budget and it did work out. Yeah. So, check out below some cool summer pictures J

This travel was so amazing and it was wonderful. Summer is therefore unforgettable experience. 

P.S. I think the pictures itself show how beautiful the resort is. The place is so relaxing and peaceful. 

So how did you spend your summer guys? :) 

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

It takes an IRON MAN and a WOMAN


LOL, yes the title, quite funny but IRON MAN. Oh how I loved this movie so much. Me my self really loves Iron Man. It’s a sort of unbelievable thingy but many love to believe it. LOL.

Iron Man is a fictional character and a super hero based in the Marvel Comic.

This character was played by Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark and with his secretary and became a girlfriend Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow). Well, this is a series from Iron Man down to 3 and I don’t think if this is the last one.


I’m very excited for its release (the latest Iron Man) because we did a sort of recap or refreshing, LOL. Before the month this was release, I watched the Iron Man and Iron Man 2. It feels like a continuation though not really.

As we all know, Iron Man also is one of the super hero in the Avengers. Tony stark is a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist without his suit. J

This movie really amazed me. It’s wonderful especially the latest one. Seeing those robots’s suits feels like your flying too. (I’m soo weird, sareee). And the most hilarious part is when all the robots collection of Stark attacks and after the battle thingy all those disappear and splash like fireworks. Wooahh, super duper amazing really is it.

I was like so carried away of the movie. Yes, it’s so obvious but then its really worth it. Watching in 3D is kinda expensive but it’s worth the money. J

You guys should watch it too.
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